Max Richter on Old Loves and Lullabies

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Best known as a neo-Classical and film composer, Max Richter also draws influence from the worlds of electronic music and pop. A former student of Luciano Berio, his long list of collaborators include the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, piano quintet Piano Circus and the electronic collective The Future Sound of London. Richter's 2012 recomposition of "Vivaldi, The Four Seasons" was a surprise classical hit.

Max Richter writes the following of his Mixtape:

Christóbal de Morales – Parce mihi domine (Jan Garbarek and Hilliard Ensemble)

The Hilliard are hanging up their hats after 40 years. This is stunning and we will miss them. I love Rennaissance music and this hybrid between Morales and Garbarek is a collision which works brilliantly.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls

I love these guys. Its wonderful to have things to rely on in this world and GYBE! are one of those things. Keep on keeping on. Please.

Grouper – "Clearing"

Wonderful textures happening here. We all need a lullaby from time to time, right?

Cat Power – "Maybe Not"

This is old but I do love it. They had it as a temp score on a film I was working on years ago and I was transixed from the first note. It was a sweet movie but I was fired and replaced by Clint Eastwood. Life is so weird.

Steve Reich – Tehillim, Parts 1 & 2

I’ve been listening to a lot of Reich recently, after a few years fo not really keeping up. When I was busy as a performer in the late 80s and 90s I played about 200 live shows of his work - mostly Six Pianos, Four Organs, Piano phase,  Sextet etc. I love that music, but probably I had heard it too much and needed a holiday. Coming back to Tehillim now I’m entranced again. I think it is one of the very few pieces of vocal religious music from the end of the last century I can really listen to and enjoy (the other one is Arvo Part’s Passio).

Aphex Twin – Heliosphan

Aphex is back!  But, you know, I do love the old stuff...