Michael Nyman is Awesome

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Michael Nyman

Why is Michael Nyman so awesome? Is it because he writes whatever he wants, unfettered by trend or dogma? Is it because he chooses beautiful harmonies, but is always searching for that new chord? Or is it just that his music is so damn groovy? Whatever it is it all adds up to be just to the tastes of the Brothers Balliett.

Let's spend the afternoon listening to some rarely heard Nyman works. From his travels to India we'll hear his collaboration with electric mandolin virtuoso U. Shrinivas, called Compiling the Colors. Wicked groovy. For virtuoso brass, we'll hear the decidedly un-Cageian For John Cage. And to showcase his masterful vocal writing, Profit and Loss, featuring contralto Hillary Summers and bass Andrew Slater.

If you love Michael Nyman, this is your show. If you think you might, this is a great introduction. If you hate his work, this show might turn you around. So tune in to Q2 music this Thursday at 3 PM and Sunday at 8 PM!