The Monochromatic Show

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If there's one thing we Brothers Balliett have learned from Rothko (and we've learned a lot from him), it's that monochromaticism, in art OR music, is not necessarily a bad or boring thing. In fact, some of the coolest textures are built from similar parts, like a whole mess of cellos in consort, or a gaggle or alto flutes creating a dreamy cloud. This week we explore some ensembles built entirely of one sound color.

How about eight trombones to start things off right? Osteoblast will knock your socks off. We'll also hear an ancient monochromatic ensemble – a gamba consort performing 16th c. composer John Jenkins. Throw in Unfurl for two harps and Tibiae for four flutes, and we're really cooking with single colors. We'll close with John Morton's monumental Amazing Grace Variations for an ensemble of tweaked music boxes!

If you're tired of the same old orchestration, today's show is for you! Tune in and groove to some monochromatic hits.