Opera News Names New Publisher with Colorful Résumé

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Opera News magazine has named Diane Silberstein as its new publisher. Her résumé includes work as the publisher of Penthouse and Playboy adult men's magazines, as well as at more traditional glossies.

Silberstein, who started on May 9, has a remarkable background even by the hurly-burly standards of magazine publishing. Having begun her career at Glamour, she worked her way up to publisher roles at Elle (1992-1994), the New Yorker (1994-1997), Playboy (2003-2006) and Penthouse (2006-2008), before eventually launching Silberstein Media, a company representing media brands for advertising and sponsorship sales. The appointment was reported Thursday by Mediabistro.

Silberstein's time at Penthouse had its colorful moments: In 2008, the magazine was one of several publications to pursue a cover story with Ashley Dupré, the 22-year-old call girl involved in the scandal of resigning Governor Eliot Spitzer. "We would love to have her in the magazine," Silberstein told the Associated Press at the time. "We would even consider offering her a cover. We think we could also be very helpful to her in her music career."

But Penthouse faced tough competition and Dupré eventually posed for Playboy instead.

In her new role, Silberstein's regular subjects are more likely to include the fictional libertine Don Giovanni and the skirt-chasing Count in Marriage of Figaro. Founded in 1936, Opera News is considered the leading opera magazine in the country.

"Diane's in-depth understanding of the media and publishing worlds is an invaluable asset,” said Richard J. Miller, Jr., president of the Metropolitan Opera Guild in a statement. “Her innovative leadership will guide Opera News into an exciting new era in its long and distinguished life.”