Sex With Strangers In the Digital Age

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Billy Magnussen and Anna Gunn in 'Sex with Strangers.'

The nature of intimacy is one of the themes of Laura Eason’s new play Sex With Strangers, in which two writers first get busy and then get to know each other. Olivia is played by Anna Gunn, best-known for her portrayal of Skyler White on the AMC series “Breaking Bad.” Ethan is played by Billy Magnussen, a Tony Award nominee for his portrayal of the last of the four title characters in Vanya, Sonya, Masha, and Spike. There’s also a notable name behind the scene — the director is David Schwimmer, most recognizable from the TV show "Friends."

What are the post-passion revelations these two share with each other and with the audience? New York Times theater critic Charles Isherwood takes a look. Sex With Strangers runs through Aug. 24 at Second Stage Theatre.