An Hour with Son Lux

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Composer, producer and performer Ryan Lott, who performs under the moniker Son Lux, has collaborated with yMusic (he's producing their next album), Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry (via the Ecstatic Music Festival), Sufjan Stevens (in the band s / s / s) and the Young People's Chorus of New York City, among many others. His third album "Lanterns" – a synthesis of electro-pop, hip-hop and chamber music – was released this week.

Son Lux writes the following of his Mixtape:

John Adams - Harmonielehre, Part I
This piece seems impossibly wonderful. Part I sounds like the sun periodically exploding in bursts into a million perfectly geometric spinning cubes, and each cube spins and spurts out tones and expands to form new galaxies.

Olivier Messiaen - Turangalila Symphony: II
Inexplicable. This is one of those pieces that is so full of ideas I never really feel like I "know" it. And at every turn, and there a lot of them, something occurs that I would never had thought of. There's a lot of music I like that I can almost imagine writing myself. This is not one of them!

Arvo Pärt - Cantus In Memory of Benjamin Britten for Strings and Bells
Sometimes you just need to listen to Arvo Pärt and take a bath and drink wine while taking that bath.

David Dzubay - Two Celebratory Fanfares, No. 1-2
I studied with David for a semester in school. I feel bad for him, because I wasn't very good. These bright little twin monsters are wonderful. If you listen to the end of my song "Rebuild," from We Are Rising, you can probably hear some influence.

Henryk Górecki - Amen

Igor Stravinsky - Concerto For 2 Pianos, Con Moto
So many catchy hooks and riffs in this one!

Krzysztof Penderecki - The Dream of Jacob
I first discovered this one looking for music I could sample that no one would know about or recognize.

George Crumb - Ancient Voices of Children: El Niño Busca Su Voz
This piece taught me a lot about the transporting ability of music. It can take you to a strange, alternate world.