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Soprano Jennifer Rowley's Road Trip Playlist

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With the summer driving season here, we've asked several on-the-go classical musicians for their road trip playlists. Our latest comes from the American soprano Jennifer Rowley.

Jennifer Rowley made her Metropolitan Opera debut this past March, playing the coquettish Musetta in La Bohème. The reviews were enthusiastic and Rowley reveled in the moment, delivering a fist pump in the Act II curtain call. The 33-year-old soprano from Cleveland, OH, has had other pump-worthy moments of late: she recently signed with IMG Artists, the powerful artists agency, and has future dates lined up at the Royal Opera House in London, the Semperoper in Dresden, and the Opera de Luxembourg, among others.

Rowley writes of her Playlist:

"I am one of those musicians who really loves a huge variety of music. From pop to country, opera to oratorio, musical theater to orchestral music, there is something so special about each and every genre! When I plan my playlist for a long trip on the various planes, trains and automobiles I take to get to my next performance, it has to have three elements:

  • The tunes have to keep me awake, because traveling makes me want to sleep the whole way!
  • The playlist has to be filled with things I love, because I want to be excited every time a new song comes on.
  • It has to have major variety, preventing boredom, and again that whole sleeping thing!

These ideas are how I built this playlist for you on WQXR. These are the songs that make me drum on the steering wheel, dance in my window seat, and head bang on the train – but only a little bit so no one looks at me funny! I hope all of your listeners love this fun compilation of my favorite things as much as I do. Now I am really looking forward to my next road trip!

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