Art Tatum to Luciano Berio with Carman Moore

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Composer Carman Moore has received commissions from the New York Philharmonic, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors and the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.  His MADIBA, an orchestral piece inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela, was commissioned by American Composers Orchestra and will receive its world premiere this Friday at Carnegie Hall alongside music of Shara Worden and Sarah Kirkland Snider.

Carman Moore writes the following of his Mixtape:

"We composers tend to be the most ardent fans of our own art form. Once you realize that you can do that and still not have to imitate, you are home free (or out at sea). Once you discover the daring-to-sound-like-yourself principle, forced upon you is the realization that composing isn’t mainly about music but about self discovery and self mastery. What a gift then is music! I was the first new-music critic for the Village Voice (back when the Voice was about writing) and got to hear and try to understand almost everyone’s music in New York…mainly live…during the heyday of the Uptown/Downtown dichotomy.

But it all started with my pianist mother’s playing Haydn and the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on the radio (without comment). And on the piano she played Liszt and Bach, such melodic and harmonically-excellent salon pieces as those by Edward MacDowell, and as well, Duke Ellington and boogie-woogie – no limits, which has profoundly influenced my own work.  So I love country blues, Webern, Haydn, Stravinsky, Hank Williams, and Ornette Coleman almost equally. I love the pianism of Martha Argerich, Dinu Lipati, and Art Tatum equally. So in my mixtape are works by my composition teachers Luciano Berio and Hall Overton, dear friend Alvin Singleton, friend and teacher Stefan Wolpe, and myself. It’s all about opening up your heart and mind through your ears, and letting the feelings flow. 


Igor Stravinsky – Symphony of Psalms: Mvmt I
Luciano Berio – Glosse
Alvin Singleton – Argoru 1 (for piano)
Edward MacDowell – Amourette
Art Tatum – Elegy (Massenet)
Hall Overton – Sonata for Viola and Piano
Carman Moore – Blue.. Re.. Green: “Green”
Stefan Wolpe – Piece in Two Parts for Six Players

*Not all of this Mixtape's music appears on Spotify as the curator intended. To hear Mixtapes as they're meant to be heard and in their entirety, listen Wednesdays at 3 pm and Saturdays at 8 pm.