Wait, WHAT Instrument is That??

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Everyone knows that composers are using more and more far-out instruments to achieve new and unusual sounds, almost to the point that one may not be surprised to see a row of harmonicas in the back of a symphony's wind section, or to see all of the cellists put down their axes and pick up crystal wine glasses.

Many composers, however, take a different track -- they choose to blast open their listeners' ears by using standard instruments in such shockingly new ways that one would never ever guess what instrument is playing. Take, for instance, Toshio Hosokawa's otherworldly Saxophone Concerto, or the way Georges Aperghis treats the double bass.

Other stops along the way include new looks at the didgeridoo and a truly bizarre instrument that combines genetic material from a bass saxophone and tuba. Come along to hear your favorite instruments (and some new ones) in ways you've never heard before.