Woodwind Players With Feet In Two Worlds

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Let's face it – you can do a lot with a woodwind instrument. So much so that many different genres claim the woodwind family as their own. Jazz frequently uses saxophone and flute, but that doesn't stop classical composers from using them. Some indigenous instruments are finding their way from the countryside and villages onto the concert stage. And of course pop music is omnivorous, making use of every instrument at its disposal.

Today's show examines those wind players who are fluent in multiple styles. Stephen Kent is considered a visionary on his instrument, the Australian didjeridu, and convinced composer Peter Sculthorpe to include a fascinating part for his instrument in a handful of string quartets. Susan Palma Nidel effortlessly makes her flute a part of the Latin Jazz and popular music scene; we'll hear a track featuring South American musicians alongside herself and Branford Marsalis. 

Finally, Hideaki Aomori bounces between contemporary classical music and jazz with the seamless ease of an otter lazing down a river – with riveting and often face-melting results.

Listen for these and other contemporary wind virtuosi on this show.