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Suspects in Murder of NYC Violinist Held Without Bail

Two men accused of killing New York concert violinist Mary Whitaker during a robbery in her rural home are due in federal court.

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Albums of the Week

Free Download: 'Maria' from West Side Story

For Leonard Bernstein's 96th birth anniversary, a new recording of West Side Story. Plus pianist Igor Kamenz comes out of the shadows.

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Q2 Music

How to Talk to a Female Composer

Interviewing a composer can be a daunting proposition, especially when confronted with the bodily reality of one who is non-male. Here's a how-to guide for beginners. 

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Top 5 @ 105

Top 5 Infamous Classical Music Performances on 'The Simpsons'

Looking back at the history of the show, we’ve ranked five notorious classical music performances.

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