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The Expo Effect: Why New York Needs Big Cultural Initiatives

New York City desperately needs to make real its sense of being the most consequential metropolis in the world, writes Fred Plotkin. This can happen through major arts projects.

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Classics For Kids

Mendelssohn’s Life

The name Felix means happy and appropriately Felix Mendelssohn led a very happy life. Find out more about this composer and his music this week on Classics for Kids.


Poll: Who Wrote the Greatest 10th Symphony Ever?

Philip Glass is the latest composer to avoid the so-called "Curse of the Ninth Symphony" and write a 10th Symphony. What's your favorite?

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Meet the Composer

Kaija Saariaho: Ears Open

Kaija Saariaho's music evokes all sorts of natural sounds, the kinds of complex, white noise-y sounds that we often tune out - wind rustling through trees, or waves hitting the shore.