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Five Notable Classical Musicians Who Served in World War I

This Monday marks the 100th anniversary of when the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia. Several promising talents died at the front, others suffered debilitating injuries. Here are five notable musicians.

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Met Opera Warns Unions of a Lockout

The Met's union negotiations will enter a tension-filled new phase on Friday when lawyers for management and orchestra musicians return to the bargaining table for the first time since early May.

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Q2 Music Album of the Week

Richard Reed Parry Explores 'Music for Heart and Breath'

Richard Reed Parry, a composer and member of the rock band Arcade Fire, writes classical compositions based the actual pulse of the performers themselves. Stream his "Music for Heart and Breath" all this week. 

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‘Asian Blackface’ in The Mikado Stirs Controversy in Seattle

A Seattle theater troupe is defending Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado over charges that the operetta perpetuates racial caricatures.

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