13 Days When Music Changed Forever

The San Francisco Symphony’s radio project, The Keeping Score Series: 13 Days When Music Changed Forever, is about musical revolutions — about the composers, compositions, and musical movements that changed the way people heard, or thought about, music.  Each program will explore the historical backdrop and the musical precursors to the revolutionary change, as well as examine the aftershock and the lasting influence of that moment in music history.


Unexpected but fresh adjacencies within new music define Afternoons on Q2 Music. Enjoy disparate styles and cultures of 21st century classical repertoire woven together into a seamless tapestry through similarities of texture, energy and atmosphere.

All Beethoven Stream

WQXR's Beethoven Awareness Month celebrates one of the world's most important composers of all time with a 24-hour stream for the month of November.

All Ears with Terrance McKnight

All Ears with Terrance McKnight is a weekly show about musical discovery. Covering a wide range of styles, genres and periods, the show celebrates the diverse musical passions of its host, Terrance McKnight, as well as occasional guests -- including performers, composers, choreographers, critics and others. As music and ideas are experienced side by side, the power of music to transform is revealed and celebrated.

All Symphony Stream

WQXR's All Symphony Stream features an eclectic mix of symphonic music spanning styles and time periods. This stream will be live on and mobile devices through November 1st.

All-Bach Channel

This November, WQXR continues its annual tradition of special month-long composer festivals with a tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach with a 24-hour stream of the composer's works.

American Mavericks Festival

A Multi-Dimensional Celebration of America's Ground-Breaking, Maverick Composers (March 8-30, 2012)

Annie Bergen

Annie Bergen is the midday host on WQXR. Find her on Twitter @AnnieWQXR.

Around Broadway

Jeff Spurgeon finds out what's new on Broadway and beyond from Charles Isherwood, theater critic for The New York Times.

The Arts File

Each week, Kerry Nolan talks to a reporter, critic or expert about one of the top arts and culture stories in the New York region.

Aspen in August

Beat the summer heat this August and come with WQXR to Colorado, for a sampling of great classical music. Since 1949, fans of classical music and some of the world’s most celebrated performers have flocked to the Aspen Music Festival. This year, more than 300 musical events will take place over 8 weeks, making it America’s premier classical music festival. WQXR will present highlights from these performances in a one hour program, hosted by our own Terrance McKnight. 

The Berlin Philharmonic in Concert

The Berlin Philharmonic in Concert is a two-hour radio show featuring music recorded live at the Philharmonie in Berlin.

The Best of The Vocal Scene

WQXR is pleased to present a special summer series reviving the much beloved The Vocal Scene with George Jellinek.

The Brothers Balliett

Brad Balliett and Doug Balliett — identical twin composers and performers from Massachusetts — have been performing together and collaborating for nearly thirty years. As bassoonist and double bassist (respectively) they perform as a duo and with groups all around New York. The Balliett brothers are fiercely competitive and work tirelessly to one-up each other. This drive creates a self-fueling passion to write the best work, listen to the best music, and learn as much as possible.

Carnegie Hall Live

Returning for its sixth year, WQXR and Carnegie Hall present a series of 12 live broadcasts from Carnegie Hall spanning piano recitals, orchestral concerts and stars of the opera world.

Chamber Music Society

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center’s radio season features one-hour programs drawn from live performances.

Chamber Music Society playlist and episode information.


Impactful and pioneering choral music is alive and well in the 21st century, though much is still under the shadow of titans from the distant, European past. Many of today’s prominent composers from cultures far and wide continue to mine fertile SATB permutations to conjure beautiful, new sounds of amplified poetical texts. Choral music on Q2 Music satisfies your desires for this texture while offering discoveries within the evolving and distinctly contemporary repertoire.

Choral Fixation

Choral Fixation brings you the best in choral music, by transporting you across centuries of music-making and the rich choral traditions of varying countries.

The Choral Mix with Kent Tritle

The Choral Mix with Kent Tritle explores the vibrant and transformative world of choral music in New York and beyond.

Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids® is here to help you learn about classical music and have fun, too!

Classics For Kids playlist and episode information.

Clayelle Dalferes

Clayelle Dalferes hosts Saturday and Sunday afternoons on WQXR.

Composers Speak Out

Here’s your chance to hear directly from your favorite composers as they offer insights into the inspiration and process behind their music. This hybrid, virtual hosting by some of today’s most fascinating and celebrated composers draws back the curtain on the creative process and provides an exclusive perspective on the music you’re about to hear.


Concerts from The Frick Collection

For 76 years, the series Concerts from The Frick Collection has delighted listeners with the finest in keyboard recitals, all manner of chamber groups and groundbreaking early music ensembles. Many of the century's greatest artists have performed in the 175-seat music room at The Frick Collection, the former Upper East Side residence of industrialist Henry Clay Frick.

Concerts from the Library of Congress

Q2 Music and the Library of Congress are joining forces to bring you audio from the storied institution's longstanding series of commissions and world premieres.

Cued Up

Keeping its finger on the pulse of New York City’s vibrant live-music scene, Cued Up brings you complete live shows from the city’s most progressive venues and presenters. From the Upper West Side’s Lincoln Center and Columbia University’s Miller Theatre to the West Village’s (Le) Poisson Rouge, SoHo’s Greene Space, and halls all over Brooklyn and Queens, Cued Up brings this progressive contemporary music scene directly to you.

David Garland

David Garland is the former host on Saturday and Sunday evenings on WQXR. 

Elliott Forrest

Elliott Forrest is the afternoon host on WQXR.


A lush and meditative mix of 21st century classical repertoire spiked with juxtapositions of world music, Evenings on Q2 Music explores the rich counterpoint and surprising affinities that exist amongst musics from culture far and wide. From hypnotic minimalist compositions to energetic neo-classical works to music that proclaims cultural roots and ancient timbres, Evenings highlight the universal language of music.


Exploring Music

Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin is an exciting weekday program that delves into a wide assortment of topics in classical music. Each weekly series builds off a single theme ranging from composer biographies to explorations of various cultures, musical styles and time periods.

Exploring Music playlist and episode information.

Fred Sherry

A pioneer and a visionary in the music world, cellist Fred Sherry has introduced audiences on five continents and all fifty United States to the music of our time through his close association with today’s composers.

From the Archives: American Mavericks

American Mavericks on Q2 Music presents interviews with maverick luminaries such as Aaron Copland, Harry Partch, Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, John Cage and many more.

From the Top

Hosted by acclaimed pianist Christopher O’Riley, each program presents high-caliber performances along with interviews, sketches and games, revealing the heart and soul behind extraordinary young musicians.

From the Top playlist and episode information.

From the WQXR Archives

WQXR opens up its archives this summer with a new weekly series devoted to some of its most popular programs. Since WQXR has been around for more than 77 years, that’s a lot of historical radio to delve into.

Fundraiser-Free WQXR

The WQXR Fundraiser-Free Stream is an online-only radio service offered during the October 2014 Membership Drive.

The Furthermore

For more than three decades, WNYC host John Schaefer’s New Sounds has been a cherished destination for musically omnivorous listeners. On WQXR, Schaefer will extend his deep musical expertise and diverse tastes to WQXR with the debut of a new weekly program, The Furthermore.

Great Artists

The WQXR Great Artists Series contains dozens of fascinating interviews leaders of their fields in music and the performing arts.




The Great Russian Piano Tradition

Russia has given the classical world many gifts, but perhaps the greatest is an unrivaled repertoire for the piano. The music is romantic, demanding and suffused with the passion of the Slavic soul. The Great Russian Piano Tradition is a new series dedicated to Russian composers and performers. Over the course of 13 weeks, scholar David Dubal traces the history of piano music in Russia and captures the larger-than-life characters who have brought it to life.


As of September 1, 2014, Hammered! is on hiatus.

Say hello to Hammered!, Q2 Music's hour-long, weekday program devoted the extraordinary breadth and ever-evolving repertoire of music for keyboard. From concert grand to disklavier, synthesizer to clavichord, prepared piano to toy piano, Hammered! shares musical colors from ebony to ivory and every shade in between.

Hammered! streams weekdays at 10 am on Q2 Music.


He Sang/She Sang

He Sang/She Sang is a new podcast from WQXR for the opera-curious and opera superfans who want to know what all those big voices are really singing about. The podcast follows the radio broadcast season of the Metropolitan Opera with a weekly roundtable chat that discusses the plots, characters, music, productions, social significance and great performances of that week's opera.


Helga with host Helga Davis features probing conversations with creative and performing artists who have a unique, uncompromising voice and a stake in the matter of social change.

Jeff Spurgeon

Jeff Spurgeon is the morning host on WQXR. Find him on Twitter @JeffWQXR.

LPR Live

LPR Live brings the excitement of the live-concert experience back to life with recordings from Greenwich Village’s Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. Drawn from performances of the finest contemporary classical music alongside interviews with its composers and performers, LPR Live draws back the curtain on new music from this underground hotbed of creativity and experimentation.

Live Broadcasts

Hear live broadcasts from stages in New York and beyond, from major halls to intimate venues. This includes broadcasts and Webcasts in WQXR's own Jerome L. Greene Performance Space.


Living Music, Living Composers

A home for immersive festival programming, composer insights, live audio and video webcasts and access to today’s leading new-music performers and venues.

Los Angeles Philharmonic

Hailed as Southern California's leading performance arts institution and today under the dynamic leadership of 28 year old Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel the Philharmonic is recognized as one of the world's outstanding orchestras. Recently when Dudamel inaugurated his Philharmonic tenure at the Hollywood Bowl a crowd of eighteen thousand people greeted him with a hollering and stamping pop-star ovation!

Mad About Music

Award-winning publisher and Mahler conductor Gilbert Kaplan is Mad About Music. Kaplan, host of this revealing show, explores the emotional power of music on the lives of celebrities through interviews and hand-picked recordings.

Mary Rowell

Considered by critics to be one of the most important and exciting performers on the contemporary scene today, the violinist Mary Rowell cannot be classified. Known for her work with the Grammy Award-winning Tango Project, the indie band The Silos and pop icon Joe Jackson, she has carved an indelible place in the contemporary classical music world with the post-classical quartet ETHEL of which she is co-founder.

Matters of Economy

James B. Stewart, who writes the “Common Sense” column in the Business Day section of The New York Times, brings plain-spoken insights on current economic and business matters to WQXR listeners each Friday at 8:30 am.

Maverick Mixtapes

Every weekday at 2 pm during the 2012 American Mavericks Festival, a new composer or performer curated an hour's worth of his or her favorite maverick composers' music. You can now stream Maverick Mixtapes on demand by David Byrne, Tyondai Braxton, Shara Worden, Owen Pallett, Dave Douglas and many more.

Meet the Composer

Meet the Composer is a Peabody Award-winning podcast that takes listeners into the minds of the composers making some of the most innovative and breathtakingly beautiful music today.

Metropolitan Opera

For more than seven decades, the Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts have brought opera into millions of homes, playing a vital and unparalleled role in the development and appreciation of opera in this country. The broadcasts debuted on Dec. 25, 1931, with Humperdinck’s "Hansel and Gretel," and are now the longest-running classical music series in American broadcast history.

Michael Feinstein's American Pops

Michael Feinstein’s American Pops is a new one-hour show that explores a chapter of 20th century music that is popular for seasonal concerts, but usually ignored by the classical media.


Michael Tilson Thomas

Michael Tilson Thomas celebrates his 17th season as music director of the San Francisco Symphony during the orchestra’s 2011-12 Centennial Season. He and the orchestra have been praised by critics for innovative programming and for bringing the works of American composers to the fore.

Midge Woolsey

Midge Woolsey became an announcer at WQXR in 1993. On Jan. 31, 2013, she signed off after her final shift at WQXR. Midge has hosted many television specials for WNET including The Three Tenors Live in Paris and The PBS Millennium project.


What is the sound of 21st century classical music? What does it mean to be a composer in an age that’s seemingly post-everything? Every week on Mixtapes, Q2 Music asks one of today’s active and “big A” Artists to weigh in and choose an hour of music that they find particularly compelling in today’s exciting new-music climate.

Hear Mixtapes Wednesdays at 3 pm on Q2 Music.


Get your sonic stimulant with Mornings on Q2 Music with a contrapuntal, caffeinated mix designed to fire up the neurons and scatter those last vestiges of the subconscious. Mornings focus on buoyant, vibrant music from today's leading and emerging voices, but you'll also enjoy hints of the fertile 20th century wellspring from which many composers continue to draw inspiration.

Movies on the Radio

Saturday nights host David Garland presents new and old film scores, emphasizing the delights and uniqueness of movie music, and sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of the field.

My Classical Podcast

WQXR's Jeff Spurgeon hosts this unique classical music podcast which introduces a featured classical recording in each episode.

My Daily Bach

Each weekday morning during the 7 am hour, WQXR introduces a featured recording of music by J.S. Bach, which will be made available as a free podcast.

Nadia Sirota

A linchpin of New York's indie-classical scene, violist Nadia Sirota shares her unique perspective on upcoming events, recent recordings and yet-to-be-fêted collaborations with an enthusiastic nod to their antecedents. Always game for discovery and dialogue, she shares the fruits of her travels with the musically curious.

Naomi Lewin

Naomi Lewin was the former weekend host on WQXR.

The New Canon

The New Canon on Q2 Music is a weekly show devoted to new CDs and world premiere recordings from across the new-music spectrum. The New Canon offers listeners the chance to experience pieces never-before-heard on Q2 Music and with hosts — composers, musicians, producers, writers — who share their passion for the newest of the new.

New Jersey Capitol Report

Emmy Award-winning anchors Steve Adubato and Rafael Pi Roman examine New Jersey's most pressing public policy issues. New Jersey Capitol Report looks at political, social and cultural issues affecting the people of New Jersey through in-depth conversations with the state's top legislative leaders, political pundits and "movers and shakers."

New Music New Haven

On-demand audio from the Yale School of Music's new-music series at Sprague Hall, featuring music by faculty, visiting artists and graduate student composers.

New York Capitol Press Room

The Capitol Pressroom is broadcast from the Legislative Correspondents Association Pressroom at the State Capitol in Albany. The show features interviews with important newsmakers.

New York Now

New York Now brings you live shows from New York's most dynamic venues and presenters. From live audio webcasts to a rich, evolving archive of on-demand shows, New York Now puts the best of the contemporary classical music scene at your fingertips. Hear New York Now Tuesdays at 8 pm on Q2 Music.

New York Philharmonic This Week

With Alan Gilbert as music director, and Emmy Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin as the host, the 2015-16 season is an exciting one to tune in for The New York Philharmonic This Week.

Obsessive Choral with Nico Muhly

"In this four-part series on Q2, we explore a few centuries of (mainly) English choral music, ignoring, as the genre itself suggests, the better part of the 18th and 19th centuries. This is by no means comprehensive, but is, rather, my own strange itinerary through the pieces I adore." - Nico Muhly

Ojai Music Festival

Q2 Music and the Ojai Music Festival are partnering to bring you on-demand audio from the annual four-day festival of new music in Southern California.

Old School

Old School features seven centuries of Early Music. 

On Wings Of Song

Legendary mezzo-soprano, Marilyn Horne and WQXR’s Elliott Forrest co-host an hour that’s part concert, part master-class and part reminiscence.


Operavore keeps its finger on the pulse of the international opera scene. We offer news bulletins from the around the globe, previews of new recordings, and interviews with the players and personalities on the scene.

Operavore Stream

WQXR's 24-hour stream dedicated to opera. Enjoy this continuous, carefully programmed mix of opera arias, duets, scenes choruses and instrumental numbers. The Operavore stream is updated with a different program each day.

Overnight Music

Tune in for a nightly mix that spans the centuries.


Luxuriate in vast stretches of immersive, cutting-edge and evocative 21st century repertoire on Overnights on Q2 Music. Not only is this your chance to enjoy longer pieces than those you'd hear during the rest of the day, but Overnights also spices its programming with flavors of cerebral indie-electronic and poignant, complex ambient music.

Paul Cavalconte

Paul Cavalconte is the weekend host on WQXR.

Performance Today

Performance Today, hosted by Fred Child, features live concerts from concert halls around the globe and from the American Public Media studios, as well as interviews, news and features.

Performance Today playlist and episode information.

Phil Kline

Phil Kline is a composer who makes music in many genres and contexts, from experimental electronics and sound installations to songs, choral, theater, chamber and orchestral music.

Hear Phil Kline weekdays from 11 am to 1 pm on Q2 Music.

The Piano in France

A 13-part series on French piano music hosted by pianist, teacher and author David Dubal, who brings his unique perspective to the near and far corners of the piano repertoire.


Each week, Pipedreams host Michael Barone shares selected organ works and performances, and in doing so, encourages listeners to engage both their ears and imaginations to gain greater appreciation of this instrument.

Pipedreams playlist and episode information.

Q2 Music

Q2 Music is a listener-supported, New York-based internet stream devoted to the music of living composers; a home for immersive festivals, live Web casts and on-demand concerts from today’s leading New Music performers and venues. 

Q2 Music Advent Calendar

To thank you all for making 2014 so very memorable, we are launching the Q2 Music Advent Calendar - 24 holiday-themed musical nuggets.

Q2 Music at the 2013 Lucerne Festival

From Sept. 8-29, 2013, Q2 Music presents new music coverage from Switzerland's 2013 Lucerne Festival. Join us for a diverse array of concert recordings from modern music titans Luciano Berio and Bela Bartok to world premieres by Christian Mason and Dieter Ammann.

Q2 Music at the Proms

Q2 Music at the Proms, hosted by Clemency Burton-Hill, is your ticket to the summer's hottest new-music festival, the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

This eight-week series streams Saturdays at 7 pm beginning July 20, 2014.

Reflections from the Keyboard

Pianist, teacher and author David Dubal hosts a weekly exploration of classical music's piano greats.

Reporters Roundtable

Reporters Roundtable With Michael Aron provides viewers with an in-depth examination of the issues reported on the front pages of the state's leading newspapers by the journalists who report the news. Reporters from the state's leading newspapers discuss New Jersey politics, policy and news and offer insight beyond what is printed in the newspaper. The program premiered in 1989 as part of the network's election coverage efforts.

The Romantic Piano

In this 13-part series, pianist, teacher and author David Dubal explores the way the giants of the 19th century wrote for the solo piano.  Each one-hour program will focus on a single composer, from Dubal’s list of six key Romantics: Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelssohn, Frederick Chopin, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms.

Saint Paul Sunday

What would it be like to hear the Juilliard String Quartet perform in your living room? Or to invite violinist Joshua Bell over for brunch and Bach? Many people believe that chamber music is open only to connoisseurs, but each week Saint Paul Sunday's veteran host Bill McGlaughlin disproves this all-too-common view.

Salzburg Festival

The world’s first international music festival, and its most renowned, the Salzburg Festival in 2011 continued its decades-long history of producing and presenting great orchestras, soloists, opera and theater in the historic, picturesque Austrian town where Mozart was born.

Sample Rate

A weekly show dedicated to the art of abstract electronic and electro-acoustic music, Sample Rate streams everything from textured field recordings to hazy ambient music to processed chamber ensembles and tape collages. Sample Rate examines the ever-diminishing distinction between the worlds of acoustic and electronic music by offering playlists of adventurous sonic manipulations.


Saturday at the Opera

WFMT brings you the most electrifying live performances from the world’s great opera companies: the Lyric Opera of Chicago, LA Opera, San Francisco Opera and the Glimmerglass Festival.

Showdown @ High Noon

Every Wednesday morning, vote for the piece you want to hear at noon.

Song of America

Presented by the Hampsong Foundation, Song of America is a 13-week radio series that reveals American classic song – poetry set to music by American composers – as a vibrant diary of the American experience. Thomas Hampson conceived and developed the series, which is co-produced with the WFMT Radio Network of Chicago and is syndicated by the network to radio stations across the country.

The Sopranos with Debbie Voigt

The Sopranos with Debbie Voigt celebrates the essential operatic role and the people who have given it voice with a lively hour of music and commentary.

State of Affairs with Steve Adubato

State of Affairs with Steve Adubato provides in-depth analysis of the political, social and cultural issues that impact the everyday lives of those in New Jersey and the region.

Summer Concert Showcase

WQXR welcomes the summer season with a new program hosted by Bill McGlaughlin to help you follow the summer music scene in and around New York City.

Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall is a one-hour program airing each weeknight that features a full-length major symphonic work. Performances are drawn from major symphony orchestras from around the globe. To find out what you heard, please consult our playlists. Symphony Hall airs weeknights at 8PM on 105.9 FM.

Terrance McKnight

Terrance McKnight is the evening host on WQXR.

This is My Music

Hosted by Lloyd Moss, it featured well-known celebrities, artists, writers, performers, academics and politicians talking about the music they prize and that has most influenced them through the years.

Together In Song

Together in Song is a celebration of the art and community of choruses, featuring performances drawn from choirs around the world and hosted by host Anthony Trecek-King, artistic director of the Boston Children’s Chorus.

Vintage Violins

As part of our ViolinFest, WQXR is presenting Vintage Violins, every Monday night in September.  You’ll hear giants like Jascha Heifetz, David Oistrakh, Leonid Kogan, Nathan Milstein and many more.  We’ll focus on their chamber works, so you can hear their sound up close and at its most intimate.

Vintage WQXR Stream

WQXR celebrates 75 years of classical music broadcasting this December. This Vintage WQXR Stream features archived episodes of iconic radio shows such as Great Artists Series, The Vocal Scene, and Memoirs in Music as well as some classic live performances. The Vintage WQXR stream is available on WQXR and mobile devices through November 1st.

Vocal Chords

Vocal Chords is Q2 Music's new hour-long, weekly program dedicated to the breadth and beauty of contemporary choral music.

Vocal Chords streams Mondays this winter at 8 pm on Q2 Music.

Vocal Scene

George Jellinek, WQXR's music director from 1968 to 1984, hosted his weekly show dedicated to vocal music for some 36 years.

WQXR Fall Pledge Drive

Support WQXR this Fall. Membership has its benefits. When you pledge to become a member, you can receive the QCard for discount benefits. Call 1-888-813-1059 or pledge online.

WQXR Holiday Channel

WQXR welcomes the 2016 holiday season with a 24-hour stream dedicated to classical Christmas favorites. Enjoy the sounds of orchestras, choirs, brass ensembles and more as we celebrate the sacred and secular sounds of the season.

WQXR Holiday Music

WQXR welcomes the holiday season with a 24-hour stream dedicated to classical Christmas favorites. Enjoy the sounds of orchestras, choirs, brass ensembles and more as we celebrate the sacred and secular sounds of the season. The stream runs through Dec. 31.

WQXR Holiday Stream 2012

WQXR welcomes the holiday season with a 24-hour stream dedicated to classical holiday favorites. Enjoy the sounds of orchestras, choirs, brass ensembles and more as we celebrate the sacred and secular sounds of the season.

WQXR Live Recordings

Hear exclusive recordings made in WQXR's studios, in concert venues throughout the New York area, and in our own Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. 

WQXR at 50 An Anniversary Album

Host Robert Sherman digs deep into the station's rich archives for this mini-series celebrating the first 50 years of WQXR. 

WQXR at 50, An Anniversary Album

Host Robert Sherman digs deep into the station's rich archives for this mini-series celebrating the first 50 years of WQXR.

The Washington Report

The Washington Report has been a WQXR tradition for many years. Each week, The New York Times' David Sanger joins us with a preview of the top stories from Washington.

Weekend Music

Tune in for a mix that spans the centuries: from full-length operas, oratorios and major symphonies to the latest offerings from New York's vibrant new music scene.

World of Opera

World of Opera with host Lisa Simeone brings listeners the world of tragedy and triumph, passion and seduction, intrigue and disaster, jealousies and dreams — the world of opera — every week.

The Writer's Almanac

Each day, Garrison Keillor recounts the highlights of this day in history and reads a short poem or two on The Writer's Almanac.

Young Artists Showcase

Young Artists Showcase is a WQXR weekly radio show that since 1978 has sought out and displayed the talents of young emerging artists.