Tuning in to WQXR

WQXR is at 105.9 FM

On October 8, 2009, WQXR moved from 96.3 on the FM dial to 105.9. Our signal reaches the five boroughs of New York City and most of Westchester and Nassau counties in New York; Monmouth, Middlesex, Union, Essex, Hudson and Bergen counties in New Jersey; and parts of Fairfield County in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, the signal from our new home at 105.9 is not quite as strong as it was at 96.3. The Federal Communications Commission has designated 105.9 FM as a class B1 station, which broadcasts at a slightly lower power than 96.3 FM, which is a full class B station. The acquisition of 105.9 was the only affordable option for us to find a new home for WQXR. The terms of our license forbid us from boosting the signal. Due to FCC rules, we are unable to boost the signal strength or petition the FCC for a new class of license; we must work with what we have.

About 86% of our listeners should still be able to receive us on our new frequency, but if you’re having trouble getting a clear signal, please read on.

External Antennas and Improving Traditional Radio Reception

Most people rely on the antenna inside radios, but this internal antenna isn't very effective. For better reception, first try to attach an external antenna to your receiver and then to the wall.

External antennas can be purchased at any electronics store and are relatively inexpensive. Some higher-end radios come with two external antennas. One antenna might look like a straight piece of wire—this is the FM antenna. The FM antenna supplied might also look like a “T”; this is called a “dipole” antenna.

Sometimes you can improve your reception further by placing that external antenna close to a window or, if possible, outside. Though it sounds simple, you can often improve your reception by moving the radio to different locations in the room or in your home.

WQXW 90.3

In July 2013, WQXR expanded its reach into central and northern parts of Westchester County on the new WQXW 90.3 FM. Formerly WDFH, WQXW brings audiences from Sleepy Hollow to Mount Kisco and Ossining to Armonk the same programming heard on WQXR in New York City.

In January 2014, WQXR upgraded the WQXW broadcast antenna, a process that added an estimated 55,000 listeners and brought the total WQXW listenership to about 210,000. The towns covered by that expansion included Katonah, much of Bedford, and Yorktown Heights, NY. This map shows the approximate range. It should be noted that any one listener's actual experience will vary based on location, topography and equipment.

Television and Additional Radio Repeaters

Listeners in some areas may be able to find us on their cable television system or at another spot on the radio dial.

  • In the Hudson Valley, WQXR is carried on Time Warner Cable television channel 590.
  • In Poughkeepsie and the surrounding area, WQXR broadcasts on the 103.7 FM radio repeater.
  • In Asbury Park and surrounding area, WQXR broadcasts on the 96.7 FM radio repeater.

Our engineers will try to develop repeater relationships to make the signal accessible beyond the current 105.9 FM coverage area. To that end, we will pass along the zip codes of listeners with reception problems to our chief engineer so he can determine where work is needed. If you’ve already given us your zip code in an email or a call about your reception, we’ve added your address to this database. If not, please contact Listener Services.

More Help

If you have difficulty with WQXR’s audio content and cannot find an answer to your problem on our Troubleshooting page, please contact WQXR Listener Services.

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