HD and Internet Radios

HD Radios

HD radios are digital devices that require no Internet connection and no monthly fee. If you have an HD radio and you are within range of 93.9 FM, you can tune into the HD channels carried by WNYC 93.9 FM:

HD 1 – simulcast of 93.9 FM WNYC programming
HD 2 – simulcast of 105.9 FM Classical WQXR programming
HD 3 – simulcast of AM 820 WNYC programming

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You can find WQXR’s broadcast on the HD2 channel of WNYC 93.9 FM and Q2 on the HD2 channel of WQXR 105.9 FM.  If you receive a clear and consistent signal on either of these analog FM stations, then you should also be able to tune into the respective HD signal.

Internet Radios

If you have an Internet connection at home, you can also listen to WQXR with an Internet radio, a stand-alone device that can tune in thousands of free radio stations broadcast online. As with live streaming to computers and mobile devices, Internet radio completely eliminates the issue of signal range.

Many internet radios have WQXR as a preset. WQXR is communicating with the third-party organizations who compile lists of presets for internet radios to make sure our station can be heard. You can also use the Other Formats menu on our website player to select the compatible stream URL and enter it manually into your radio.

More Help

If you have difficulty with WQXR’s audio content and cannot find an answer to your problem on our Troubleshooting page, please fill out our online audio help form so we can try to help you. If you have other questions or comments, please contact WQXR Listener Services.

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