WQXR Instrument Drive Information For Schools

Every kid deserves the chance to be a band geek!

WQXR is partnering with the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to ensure that gently-used instruments collected through the WQXR Musical Instrument Drive go to the most deserving schools. If your school is in one of New York City’s five boroughs and the music program meets the criteria below, we encourage you to apply.

The Michael Kamen Grant Guidelines

  • Public, private and charter schools may apply, however, schools must serve a population of at least 65% that participate in the National Lunch Program. Private schools that do not participate in the National Lunch Program must serve a minimum of 65% of students that attend at no cost due to low income status.
  • Schools must have an established instrumental music program (i.e. concert band, marching band, jazz band and/or orchestra) that is at least three years old and takes place during the regular school day. If your school offers Orff/classroom music only, it is NOT eligible to apply.
  • Schools must have an instrumental music teacher who has been with the school for a minimum of two consecutive years.
  • Schools must have an existing inventory of instruments.
  • Schools must apply individually. Please provide information for the applying school only, do not include information for other schools within the district even if the music teacher teaches at more than one school.