Patrick Stewart Says It's Time To Be a WQXR Member

Patrick Stewart is a member, and wants you to be one too. He spent some time in our studios recently and we think you’ll be as thrilled as we were with the results. Listen, laugh and then take a moment to join Sir Patrick and become a WQXR member right now. And thanks.

To Become a Member,
Or Not To Become a Member?

"That is the question." (Hint: The answer is to become a member.)


Are You Merely a Player?

"I am not merely a WQXR listener, I am a member. And so I ask, 'What are you?'"


If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On

"I think if Shakespeare were alive today, he'd be a member of WQXR."



"I rely upon classical music as a part of my personal preparation ritual before every show."


Photo: Patrick Stewart speaks with WQXR's Elliott Forrest in the Greene Space.

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Peter O'Malley from Oakland, NJ

Ah, yes, the membership drive. Worse than ever, these days, with the recorded pitches being played over and over, interspersed with the same snippets of the kind of top 40 "classical lite" music that used to be advertised on late night television, followed with the increasingly pompous sounding Jeff Spurgeon urging us on. I know you have to do this, but what's wrong with the old-fashioned way? Back before the sale of the station and its absorption by WNYC, when there were more choices for "classical" music in the New York area, Steve Post, on "Morning Music", did live pledge drives and at least made them funny (e.g., playing the dreaded Pachelbel "Canon in D" on a typewriter. How about it? And less of the "100 beautiful melodies" stuff (you know: the kind of image of this music that drives away new listeners).

Feb. 22 2014 08:08 AM
Dan from Phoenix, AZ


Feb. 21 2014 04:06 PM
LES from USS Enterprise

Make it so, Captain Picard

Feb. 21 2014 03:57 PM
EA from LI

Best membership drive pitch you've EVER done! :)

Feb. 21 2014 11:19 AM

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