AJ McCaffrey

“A voice that leaps out and grabs you” and “loopy and charming” are how the Glasgow Herald and the Boston Globe describe the music of composer A.J. McCaffrey.  McCaffrey studied composition at The Shepherd School of Music at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and then with James MacMillan at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, Scotland.

In 2003, McCaffrey was a fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center and received the Paul Jacobs Memorial Commission for TMC's Festival of New Music in 2004.  He also took part in the Aspen Music Festival School in 2004 as a composition fellow.

McCaffrey’s music has been performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, as well as by several Boston-area ensembles.  He was featured on Boston Modern Orchestra Project’s "The Next Next" new music series, and in 2006 he was named Composer-in-Residence for the Radius Ensemble, a Boston-based chamber group.  He is currently completing the doctoral program in music composition at the University of Southern California with Donald Crockett and Stephen Hartke.  In addition to his graduate studies in Los Angeles, McCaffrey has been active as a music teacher, assisting the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Consulting Composer for New Music, Steve Stucky, as part of the Philharmonic’s Composer Fellowship Program.

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AJ McCaffrey

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stop is the new Go was written for the Avion Saxophone Quartet in the summer of 2007. I was interested in trying to translate some ideas from film and cinema into music. I was think...

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