Richard Carrick

A pianist and conductor as well as a composer, Richard Carrick writes music for soloists, chamber ensembles, orchestras, films, plays, electronics, and concerts with video. Described as “charming, with exoticism and sheer infectiousness” by Allan Kozinn of The New York Times, Carrick's music draws inspiration from his French, North African, and United Kingdom background, his studies in mathematics and philosophy, his interest in psychology, and his experience as performer of notated and improvised music. He has spent recent years developing his compositional approach in New York, where he co-founded Either/Or to champion music by the American Experimentalists, the European avant garde, and emerging composers.

Carrick's compositions have been performed throughout North America and Europe in such venues and programs as the New York Philharmonic Ensemble Series, Vienna’s Konzerthaus, ISCM World Music Days, Royaumont Voix Nouvelles, Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik, Tokyo’s International House, and New York’s Merkin Hall, Miller Theater, and MATA Festival. He has written new works for the Nieuw Ensemble, the Nouvel Ensemble Modern, JACK Quartet, the Ensemble-On-Line of Vienna, the Arditti Quartet, Brown University, Magnus Andersson, Rohan de Saram, and Dov Scheindlin.

As pianist and conductor, Carrick has performed a unique repertoire of contemporary solo and chamber pieces as part of the Green Umbrella Series in Los Angeles and throughout the United States and Europe. He learned how to play the guitar so he could give the New York premiere of Helmut Lachenmann's Salut für Caudwell, and he performed on marimba with Kyandu Muziki in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He also received the Gold Medal of Excellence at the 2007 Park City Film Festival for his film score Solidarity.

Carrick is currently adjunct faculty at New York University (Faculty of Arts and Sciences) and a visiting artist-in-residence at the New School for Social Research. In addition, he trains composers for the New York Philharmonic's Very Young Composers Program in New York City and abroad. He studied mathematics and music with David Rakowski and Mario Davidovsky at Columbia University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree, and studied with Brian Ferneyhough, Aleck Karis (on piano) and George Lewis at the University of California, San Diego, where he received his Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees. He has also studied at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Hague and at the Stage d’Éte of IRCAM.

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Richard Carrick

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