Simón Bolívar Orchestra Lifts Youth in a Troubled Nation : Slideshow

Friday, December 07, 2012

Brian Wise/WQXR

Gustavo Dudamel accepts his award as Musical America's "Musician of the Year" at Lincoln Center on Thursday. Right: Editor Sedgwick Clark. "We live day by day," said Dudamel in his acceptance speech. "We have rehearsal, we play and we love what we do. As simple as that. It's only a pleasure to be a musician."

Brian Wise/WQXR
Gustavo Dudamel greets music industry executives at the Musical America awards ceremony Thursday night at Lincoln Center. To his right is José Antonio Abreu.
Brian Wise/WQXR

Dr. José Antonio Abreu receives the award for 'Educator of the Year' at the Musical America Awards at Lincoln Center. Speaking through an interpreter, he said that El Sistema is now expanding to work with mentally handicapped children and in prisons.


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