The NY International Fringe Festival : Slideshow

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cast Members in
Courtesy of Matt Saldarelli
Cast Members in "Getting Even with Shakespeare," written by Matt Saldarelli
Ed Krieger
"The Twentieth Century Way" with Will Bradley and Robert Mammana
Jesse Dittmar
"Ghost of Dracula" with Michael Donaldson
Chris Millar
"Hamlet Shut Up" with Stephen Simon and Derek Mehn
James Starkman
"Living on the Edge" with Vinny Pellegrini, Jeremy Thomas Gallant, Jesse La Flair and George Quinones
Ryan Robinson
"Magical Exploding Boy" with Dean Evans
Melbourne Sibblies
"Rash" with Jenni Wolfson
Kurt Hall
"Viva La Evolucion!" with Diana Yanez
Chris Dzombak
"Wanton Displays of Affection" with Nico Ager and Lily Marks
Dixie Sheridan
"Two Girls" with Gabrielle Maisels
Dixie Sheridan
"Tristan & Isolde" with Jessica Giannone, Andrew Mauney
Stephen Schmidt
"Strange Love in Outer Space" with Chris Mirto and Alex Henrikson
Max Ruby
"A Matter of Choice" with Jake Lemmenes, Ashley Marie Ortiz and Tom Wolfson
Bruce Shultz
"Dream of the Marionettes / Le Rêve des Marionettes" with Johanna Divine and Christy Leichty