We Want You To Run @WQXRMember


Do you love classical music? Do you love WQXR? Do you love Twitter? Then apply to run @WQXRMember, our brand new Twitter feed run each week by a different, dedicated WQXR listener and member.

Meet those running @WQXRMember here. And follow @WQXRMember to see what your fellow classical music lovers are tweeting about.

FAQ: How does @WQXRMember work?

Q: Who can apply to run @WQXRMember?
A: You have to be a current member of WQXR or WNYC. If you're not a member yet, make a contribution here (it takes less than two minutes and every donation, no matter how big or small, helps support a whole year of classical music).

Q: How do I apply to run @WQXRMember?
A: By filling out this quick questionnaire.

Q: Can I only tweet about WQXR and classical music?
A: NO! We want @WQXRMember to reflect the wide and wonderful range of interests you and other WQXR listeners have. We’re hoping you’ll run this Twitter feed like you run your own — with links to articles you find interesting, thoughts and updates about your day, a photo of your lunch or cat (we all do it, no judging!), and whatever else you’re passionate about. What we DO NOT want is you to spam followers of @WQXRMember. Don’t be a self-promotion bot or tweet nasty things.

Q: A week sounds like a long time. How often to I have to tweet?
A: If you’re an avid or even casual tweeter, posting to Twitter is probably already a part of day. We hope that posting to @WQXRMember will fit into your social media activities seamlessly. So how much you tweet is really up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

Q: Can I tell my own personal Twitter followers that I’m tweeting from @WQXRMember?
A: YOU BET! In fact, we hope you will.

Q: Should I interact with people who tweet to me at @WQXRMember?
A: YES! Part of the fun of this experiment is the hope that it will deepen the engagement between WQXR’s listeners.

Q: Will my tweets be moderated before they are public?
A: No. We trust you. In order to run @WQXRMember, you need to agree to our Terms of Service, which, in essence, means you promise not to be a jerk and post stuff that we’ll need to take down.

Q: What do I get for running @WQXRMember?
A: We hope you’ll find some unknown kindred spirits out in the Twitterverse and feel a deeper sense of being part of the WQXR community.