@WQXRMember Terms of Use

By applying to run the @WQXRMember account, you agree with New York Public Radio (“NYPR,” “we,” or “us”) that if you are selected you will follow a few simple rules (some of this is also in the Twitter Terms of Service, and the Twitter Rules, which you also must follow):

• Think before you tweet. It goes without saying, but this is a public forum – take a second to make sure anything you tweet is something you’re okay with the whole world seeing.

• Don’t write tweets that aim to insult anyone or are hateful, harassing or abusive. Some specific no-noes: obscene, racist, homophobic, sexist, belligerent or sexually explicit language.

• Don’t break the law. We don’t tolerate tweets that may impact someone else’s rights.

• While we encourage you to link to anything awesome out there in the world, you may only upload stuff you personally have the right to distribute over the internet. This includes images, audio, and video (if you upload a picture, for example, you can’t steal it from the internet).

• You may not plagiarize, or otherwise violate or infringe on the rights of third parties, including copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy, personal, publicity, moral or proprietary rights.

• You grant us the right to use anything you post to the @WQXRMember account, in whole or in part, worldwide, on a perpetual and irrevocable basis without payment of any kind to you, for inclusion in local, national and/or international broadcasts; for audio or video webcast/streaming, at any of our websites or digital platforms (including social media platforms); to be made available as a download; for fundraising, marketing, promotional and archival purposes; to make derivative works; and for reproduction, distribution, and all other uses.

• Be a good Twitter citizen – be sure to credit other users with RT and HT (and follow the other Twitter Rules).

• Don’t use @WQXRMember for self-promotion. Don’t use it to advertise or raise funds or nag strangers to go to your next recital. Please don’t spam @WQXRMember’s followers.

• You understand that we may decide to delete content or limit/terminate your access to the account if we think there is a problem. We don’t want to kick you off @WQXRMember, so don’t tweet mean, objectionable stuff!

• Bottom line: don’t be a jerk. You’re representing WQXR and its members — don’t make us regret giving you the reins to @WQXRMember.


If you have any questions about @WQXRMember or New York Public Radio, please get in touch with us:

Use our Contact Form.

Call: (212) 633-7600

Send us a letter:

WNYC Listener Services
160 Varick Street
New York, NY 10013

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